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At Convivium, we are passionate about connecting people to their food source and making healthy food accessible to all. As a non-profit, we rely on volunteers to help us achieve that mission.

Whether it is for a couple hours or all summer long, there are fun ways to get involved.

The first step to volunteering is to complete and submit our Volunteer Application. Click here if viewing on a mobile device. 

Volunteer Groups

If you are interested in organizing a volunteer day specifically for your group, contact Natalie at natalie@convivium-dbq.com.

Volunteer in the Gardens

We have over 13,000 sq. feet of gardens throughout the North End neighborhood where we grow food for our restaurant, classes, and the community. Although projects exist year-round, we need the most help maintaining these gardens during the growing season (March through October). 

There are lots of opportunities for on-going volunteers, including being a part of these Garden Teams:

Garden Gurus

The Garden Gurus are the caretakers of the plants in Convivium’s gardens. It is the Garden Guru Team’s responsibility to guide and mentor our plants through their lives. From starting seeds and transplanting, to training and pruning, to pollination guidance and fruit support, the Garden Guru Team is there to nurture our plants to their highest potential, most fulfilled, selves.

This heaviest labor of this work is in planting and transplanting in the ground. Otherwise, the work of the Garden Guru relies on an eye for detail and patience. The work takes place between the months of March and September, with high times in early spring and then tapers down to weekly throughout the rest of the summer. 


The Rainmakers are the hydrators of Convivium’s gardens. The Rainmaker Teams primary responsibility is to keep the gardens properly hydrated through timely and precise watering. The Rainmakers also have the unique role of being garden observers. Watering tends to provide a Rainmaker with a garden-quiet solitude and calmness that lends itself to noticing things others don’t take the time to notice; weeds, overgrown vines, harvestable fruit, an aphid infestation.

The work is straightforward and simple, but requires volunteers who are able to drag hoses, patiently water plants, and work in the morning. The timing of this work will vary greatly, depending on weather, between the months of April to September. 

Harvest Helpers

The Harvest Helpers are the guardians of the produce from Convivium’s Gardens. It is the Harvest Helper Team’s responsibility to make sure the food grown in the field makes it to Convivium’s kitchen safe and sound. The Harvest Helpers carefully harvests and safely transports the food back to Convivium, possibly sampling some for quality assurance sake, then cleans, weighs, and records the harvest before handing it off to the kitchen.

The work is a medium amount of labor, with a high amount of detail. Harvesting takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 9 am and 3 pm. The amount of produce to harvest and hours required to complete the harvest will vary each week.

Volunteer in the Kitchen

Our scratch kitchen prepares food for the coffee shop, restaurant, and private catered events. The proceeds from these support Convivium’s outreach efforts. Kitchen volunteers help prepare food as well as process and preserve the harvest from our gardens.

For on-going volunteers, the work is divided into the following Kitchen Teams you can be a part of:

Veggie Prep

Veggie Preppers are the processors of the produce. Veg Preppers are in charge of taking vegetables from whatever state they are in, to be ready to used in the kitchen. Tasks include washing, peeling, spinning, chopping, dicing, and packaging a variety of produce.

This work is year round with additional help needed from June to October as we are harvest large quantities of produce from our gardens during this time. Basic knife skills are helpful, but training will be provided for required tasks.

Produce Preservers

Produce Preservers allow our produce live throughout the year. Whether it is turning basil into pesto, tomato in tomato jam, tomatillos into salsa verde, or dehydrating peppers, cherry tomatoes and herbs – the Produce Preservers help process our abundant harvest in a way that can be enjoyed all year round.

This work is needed as items become available, primarily from August to December. Some tasks can be slightly time-consuming, making it fun work to complete with a group of friends! Previous cooking or canning experience is helpful, but training will be provided for required tasks.

Volunteer: Admin/Misc.

Does your skill set go beyond growing and preparing food? We have on-going projects we need help with in the office or at events!

From working the Farmer’s Market to web design to helping organize photos – there are always ways we can utilize your expertise.

Open the tab below to see examples of some of the projects we need help with right now:

Admin/Misc. Task Examples

Be a Tour Guide
Help with IT (Information Technology)
Help with website design
Work at the Farmer’s Market
Data entry

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