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Convivium is the Latin word for “feast”. It is the idea of coming together in celebration around food. The mission of Convivium Urban Farmstead is to create community around food – growing, preparing, preserving and, of course, enjoying food.

What We Do

 Convivium believes in protecting the community and environment. By utilizing our gifts and resources we all can make a significant positive impact on the lives of our neighbors. 

We accomplish this goal in a variety of unique and engaging ways:

Poverty and food insecurity is an everyday reality for many North End residents. Over 30% of North End residents live below the poverty line and between 25% and 50% of households receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits (food stamps).

Convivium Classes

Convivium offers classes in three main areas: cooking, gardening and woodworking for both kids and adults. We aim to make these accessible and affordable to all income levels. Our class mix is varied, but a common thread is that we seek to teach skills, techniques and knowledge of the “old way” of doing things before they are lost forever to modernity.

The Gardens

We grow as much of our own produce as possible – primarily using our neighbor’s backyards. While we aren’t certified organic, we raise all of our vegetables naturally, fertilizing only with compost that we make on-site using food scraps from the restaurant.

Coffee House & Restaurant

Our restaurant features a from-scratch menu that highlights the fresh produce we grow ourselves in our neighbor’s backyards. All proceed from the restaurant help support our classes and other non-profit programming.

Community Events

Whether it’s a Third Thursday, an ethnic food night, a farm-to-table dinner or free community game night, Convivium hosts events that bring people together. See our full events calendar here. 

Free Vegetables

Raised gardens provide a variety of free produce for the community. Feel free to harvest from the yellow raised bed boxes around the North End!

Creating Community Around Food

To us, creating community around food also means providing access and education about healthy food choices to children and others who are struggling with food access and the adverse health effects of eating a diet of highly processed food.

Convivium Urban Farmstead is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to create community around all aspects of food. Your patronage helps support our non-profit activities. little sexy teen slammed.
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