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2019 has been a year of growth and refinement for Convivium Urban Farmstead. Since opening our doors in March 2017, we have been engaging in a multi-prong approach to creating community around food.

That approach includes…

  • The restaurant –  where in 2019 we served tens of thousands of customers throughout 2019
  • Classes – We reached 900 students through classes as varied as kids pizza making and cooking on a budget to knife skills and cheese making.
  • Tours – we also host a number of tour groups throughout the growing season and this over 1,000 adults and children toured our neighborhood gardens and learned about our efforts in the North End.
  • Gardens –  We really took it up a notch in 2019 with our gardens. In 13,000 square feet mostly donated backyard space, we grew 3,100 pounds of produce that we used in our restaurant, classes, HomeFresh prepared meal service or gave away to neighbors.
  • Common Beds – We also added three new Common Beds, our free community vegetable gardens to the mix this year, for a total of 11 beds throughout the North End of Dubuque.
  • Composting – Through our composting efforts, we diverted 3,789 pounds of waste from the landfill in only a 6 month period. (We compost every day, but we only measured our results for 6 months this year). 915 pounds of that were kitchen scraps that we fed to our chickens. And speaking of chickens….
  • Chickens – We added two new chickens to our flock this year for a total of 27 laying hens that produce eggs for the restaurant and in 2019 our ladies laid 4,951 eggs

We want to thank each and every one of you who has supported us throughout the year — either through visiting the restaurant, taking a class, donating to our fundraising campaign or picked a tomato or two from our Common Beds. Bringing people together through healthy, nutritious food is a passion that we will continue to feed into 2020 and beyond. Thank you again, for your support. little sexy teen slammed.
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