Build a Classic Sawhorse Set

Monday, November 26 and Monday, December 3
6 to 9 pm

Join expert woodworker, Lyndal Anthony, in Convivium Urban Farmstead’s Learning Center for this two part, hands-on course where you will use hand tools to build a pair of high quality sawhorses. A good set of sawhorses will last a lifetime – and nothing beats the versatility and functionality of these essential tools. Upon completing this two session class, you will walk away with the confidence and ability to make more than just a sawhorse using traditional woodworking tools. Classes take place Monday nights: November 26 and December 3.

TOTAL CLASS FEE: $30 plus $10 material fee.

Razor Sharp Tools Made Simple

Monday, December 10
6 to 9 pm

For a chisel, hand plane or any other edged tool to work properly and safely, it must be razor sharp. The problem is, getting a tool truly sharp can be elusive unless you have good sharpening equipment and a technique that yields fast and repeatable results. Luckily, we have a solution! Join instructor, Paul Opperman, for Convivium’s Razor Sharp Tools Made Simple class that will allow you to take home both the techniques and basic equipment so that with a bit of practice, you will never again have to suffer the aggravation of a dull tool! Bring your own hand plane and chisel to be sharpened during class.

CLASS FEE: $15 plus $10 for materials.